About Us
We aim to develop and make products to enhance and protect life.
― David Chung, Vice President

Located in Vancouver, B.C. InnoLifeCare is a leading Canadian mask manufacturing company. InnoLifeCare aims to produce comfortable, high quality, locally made masks for Canadians. Our Manufacturing and Quality Assurance team are dedicated towards making safe and effective PPE. Our tight quality control and unique, face contouring design are what loyal customers say they love most about our masks!

Canadian Love

Jessica R. 5 Starts
Great mask, very easy to breathe and comfortable for many different family members with different sized faces. Looks good for work. Very protective. black inside and out. Love that I can rely on Canadian standards to keep my family safe.

Mirta F. 5 Starts
I think this is a great mask, confortable, easy to breathe and actually your nose and mouth are not pressed against it, therefore you can wear lipstick.
This mask maintains its structure. Just love them.👍

spencer k. 5 Starts
Fits without bulk, little to no fogging of my glasses, easy to adjust to conform to my face. I feel safe wearing it in public.